The MamaBlue Origin Story

by | Jun 18, 2019

I wasn’t always into fashion or handbags. My husband, Jan, has always been the one to buy my handbags on my behalf. Before the MamaBlue brand was born, I was a housewife with a keen sense for anything creative. My friends would ask me to design the layout of their houses and to do their interior decor on their behalf, which I did gladly. I discovered my knack for knowing what will really pull the look of a room together and found that the same applied to an outfit.


I’ve always loved sourcing interesting products and decided that a good place to start would be to try my hand at making genuine leather products. It was a brilliant suggestion from my hubby once again. It was in that moment when I decided to make my hobby into my day job by making my brand that will leave it’s footprint in the world of leather goods!


It was a rocky start with a rather large start-up cost, mostly the cost of sourcing the needed raw materials, only for me to burn my fingers with my initial collaborating partner. I had come to an agreement with a leather handbag manufacturer that fell through on the 11th hour, leaving me to operate at a loss, not only for words, but money too.


I was inconsolable, convinced that it would be the end of MamaBlue when I was saved by another business called Gypsy Lou, who made my bags. I sold my first batch of products by October 2017 and was introduced to SARCDA wholesale expo by Marguerite, founder of Piekant Picnic among a range of other generous things she did in the kick-start phase of my brand.


That is my entrepreneurial origin story & the rest is MamaBlue history!