My wife and I have always wanted to open a space like this. A friendly space where people can get together and enjoy the beautiful mountains and fields with a special cup of coffee. Our entire business is built on a very simple principle. FRIENDLINESS. We want you to smile while you are here with us. We work very hard to achieve this. My wife is in charge of the products we sell in store and here on our online shop. She carefully chooses these products and we hope you find something you love that you will come back for.


Opening in stage 4 of lockdown, Elvis Brew  opened as a small container next to Bargain Nursery, with only myself and one other Barista!

I used to drive past the open field next to Bargain Nursery thinking “Wow. This is the perfect spot for a coffeeshop!” Coincidentally, the owners of both the nursery and the field contacted me to ask if I could guide their daughter in singing classes. As I drove past again one day, I remembered that they owned the spot , so I  contacted them, and soon after I opened the small container in that very spot.


Starting in our little container the plan was always to some day have our own roaster in the shop. There is just something magic about roasting in the shop. I have always wanted to learn the fine art of roasting and so the adventure began. Working with various teachers and kind mentors we are still learning everyday. More than anything, we love roasting coffee and then seeing people enjoying what we have made in the shop. The entire process happening in one space. We work with various vendors to source the finest beans and we trust you enjoy the finished product as much as we do.